Sustainable Water Supply – Cotter Reservoir

WEARS Australia were engaged to supply large ResMix systems for Cotter Reservoir, securing Canberra’s future water supply and ensuring the water stored is good enough to drink – especially when water supplies are low.

The ResMix installation was part of the major Cotter River Expansion Project and was undertaken in partnership with Helicopter Lifting Services, who strategically placed the 1800kg units into predetermined locations throughout the Reservoir.

The ResMix units destratify the water column, by circulating high quality surface water from the top down to the design depth and generating uniform conditions throughout the water column and improving the overall water chemistry. This means more of the water stored in the dam can be put to use, which makes a big difference when water supplies are tight.

The enlargement of the Cotter Dam has played a key role in helping secure the water supply for the ACT and surrounding region in the future, allowing the community to deal with frequent, longer and more severe droughts without having to endure high-level water restrictions for extended periods.

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