Trangie Reservoir Treatment with Resmix Vital

Narromine Shire installs their first ResMix Vital into the Trangie treated water reservoir

The issues faced by managers of treated water facilities are no different to those faced by the operators of Trangie Reservoir, which is operated by the Narromine Shire Council and supplies 800 surrounding residents. One of the biggest concerns for the operators at Narromine is being able to provide a consistent water supply. In 2015, 25 percent of free chlorine readings exceeded critical minimum or maximum control points and stability in the bore fed, 2ML storage was difficult to both achieve and then maintain.

To overcome this inconsistency, the Narromine Shire Council approached WEARS Australia to assist with stabilising the water supply in Trangie Reservoir.  Stabilisation was quickly achieved using a WEARS Australia ResMix Vital system, which was installed In January 2016. The highly efficient ResMix Vital, which includes a chlorine dosing system, requires only 10 percent of the energy used by alternatives and is the only water management solution capable of preventing dead spots and short circuiting while generating homogenised conditions in the water column.

Once stabilised instances of free chlorine exceeding the minimum or maximum control points reduced from 25 to three percent and water supply in Trangie Reservoir is now consistent and stable with almost no sediment build-up or chlorine atomisation. This can be seen in the below graph where Total Free Chlorine readings were uncontrollable before the installation of the ResMix Vital and since installation, have consistently met the target ranges. 

The installation of the set and forget ResMix Vital with SCADA connectivity has also resulted in a significant reduction in disinfectant dosing and adjustment.

Narromine Shire Council Manager for Engineering Operations said: ‘there is no doubt about it, mixing our reservoirs with the ResMix Vitals work. We are now achieving a very consistent chlorine residual which would not have been achieved without mixing’.

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