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Operators of the Yarra Valley Water ‘Aurora Recycled Water’ project are now well equipped to manage hot conditions just in time for the summer season.

The 293 ML Aurora recycled water storage has been consistently effected by issues associated with algal outbreaks, which has caused blocked filters and the potential for toxicity in water used for irrigation purposes.

With these algal issues exacerbated the by warm weather and temperate conditions just around the corner, the installation of a WEARS Australia ResMix 1000 in early November 2016 was a timely addition to Yarra Valley Waters storage management arsenal.

The Aurora installation also presented some unique challenges to the WEARS Australia engineering team.

In addition to generating homogenous conditions throughout the water storage and minimising dissolved phosphorous, significant design consideration had to be given to avoiding re-suspension of bottom sediment. this was achieved through the design, manufacture and installation of a custom designed flow diffusion system.

With the ability to minimise nutrient levels and disrupt the algal life-cycle the ResMix system has a proven track record of controlling algal bloom outbreak.

WEARS Australia CEO Stephen Elliott said: ‘Yarra Valley Water had specific quality outcomes that they were wanting to achieve, the ResMix 1000 represented their best option for a low capital expenditure and low operating expenditure solution and we look forward to working with Yarra Valley Water in the future’ 


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