Algae control and managing hot weather

ResMix 1000

Yarra Valley Water ‘Aurora Recycled Water’ project has been consistently effected by issues associated with algal outbreaks. This has caused blocked filters and the potential for toxicity in water used for irrigation purposes.

With these algal issues exacerbated the by warm weather and temperate conditions, WEARS Australia was chosen to provide a solution. WEARS provided consulting, design and installation of a ResMix 1000 in early November 2016. 

This reservoir is subject to climate fluctuations, high concentrations of dissolved phosphorous leading to periodic outbreaks of cyanobacteria. 

The WEARS ResMix 1000 was chosen due to its ability to mix the reservoir but also the designed diffusion system which ensures that bottom sediment was not re-suspended. 

  • Name of Storage:Aurora Recycled Water
  • Volume of storage:293 ML
  • Purpose:Recycled water treatment, Algae control
  • Product installed: ResMix 1000
  • Client:Yarra Valley Water
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