WEARS Australia provides industry-leading water research and engineering solutions
for managing and maintaining water catchment and storage resources.

With more than 20 years’ experience developing and delivering solutions to water utilities, local government and private organisations, WEARS have a proven track record in providing innovative water treatment solutions for the water resource industry.

Our engineering research, advice and product solutions for water storage facilities deliver high water quality outcomes for managers and operators including:

  • Reducing toxin, taste and odour issues for consumers
  • Alleviating degradation of water infrastructure
  • Improving drinking water quality outcomes
  • Minimising supply interruptions for consumers
  • Decreasing water treatment expense and additional financial savings
  • Improving overall storage and catchment ecology

Our Projects

WEARS Australia have engineered a range of award-winning, cost-effective, needs-specific and energy efficient
water resource management solutions to meet a broad range of client water management needs.

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