The ResMix 5000 has been designed for water storages between 5000ML and 15000 ML.
  • Reservoir / Storage size:5000ML + / Customised to size
  • Typical operational power consumption:Dependant on requirements
  • Operational lifespan:20 years
  • Maintenance:2 year
  • Diameter:5.1m/5.1m x2
  • Weight:1800kg/1800kg x2


It is a cost-efficient unit which aids uniform temperature and dissolved oxygen throughout a water column as well as minimises or eliminates incidence of Blue Green Algae and oxidising metallic ions.

The ResMix 5000 can be configured in a close coupled arrangement (ResMix 5000CC) to provide customised solutions for unique circumstances. This enables the unit to be adapted to lakes or reservoirs with no upper size limits, depending on application. Raw water storage water resource management system for storages 5000ML – 15000ML.

For more information about the ResMix 5000 you can download the brochure here.

Raw water storage water resource management system for customised solutions.

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