Wentworth to Broken Hill Pipeline – Securing and improving the regions water supply

ResMix 1000

The future long-term water supply of the Broken Hill Region was secured with the construction of a 270km pipeline from Wentworth to Broken Hill.  The pipeline is designed to deliver upto 37 Megalitres of raw water a day to the region.  

A key component in this project is a 720 Megalitre bulk water storage facility just outside of Broken Hill.  Water is delivered into two bulk water dams where the water is detained prior to being treated for consumption in the Water Treatment Plant in Broken Hill.

The Primary concern of the project team was how to ensure that the water being delivered to these bulk water dams could be improved having been piped for at least 4 days.  This called for a mixing and aeration solution that would meet water quality requirements.  This was primarily focused on overcoming the Dissolved Oxygen depletion caused by the transit of the water, to prevent stagnation in the storage and reduce the risks of stratification and algae growth.  

WEARS were selected by Jacob’s engineering after a stringent review and assessment to provide mixing to the Bulk Water storage lagoons. 

The WEARS ResMix 1000 was chosen due to its ability to ensure algae management and dissolved oxygen parameters were met during typical operation providing superior whole of life outcomes.

  • Name of Storage:Broken Hill
  • Volume of storage:720ML
  • Purpose:Dissolved Oxygen and water quality improvement, Algae Control, Destratification, Mixing, Short Circuit Removal
  • Product installed: ResMix 1000
  • Client:WaterNSW, Jacob's and John Holland
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