Effluent Tank Mixing – Changing the way effluent treatment tanks are mixed

ResMix 1000

Two ResMix 1000 systems were deployed into tannery effluent treatment plant for use as the Mixers in an innovative, fully integrated biological and physical treatment plant.

Tannery operations traditionally use high amounts of water and chemicals in producing hides and skins for manufacturing or export.  This iterative production cycle means that Tanneries keep producing wastewater that is highly Alkaline and requires intensive and special treatment before it can be safely released or re-used. This poses a significant risk to the natural environment if not treated and then released appropriately. 

This method of treatment is and Australian first.  The treatment process takes place in two effluent tanks through proprietary electrical reaction. The wastewater is highly viscous and full of organic solids with a pH of ~12-13. The treatment process relies on keeping these solids in suspension. 

Traditional gantry mounted stirrers are not able to cope with the viscosity and the solids.  They are also very expensive to build, install, operate and maintain. This is the first time a WEARS mixer has been used in this application.  The ResMix 1000 systems are producing enough flow velocity to keep the wastewater in the tanks fully mixed. The Operation of the ResMix 1000 has been highly successful in mixing the tanks completely and keeping all of the solids in suspension within the tanks. 

  • Name of Storage:Northern NSW
  • Volume of storage:2 x 500kl Effluent Tanks
  • Purpose:Mixing highly viscous tanks to keep solids in suspension for treatment
  • Product installed: ResMix 1000
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