Jordan Lake, North Carolina – Water Quality Solution

ResMix 5000CC

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Jordan Lake is the main water source for 300,000 residents in the areas of Cary and Apex in North Carolina. Jordan Lake has a long history of inconsistent water quality resulting in; water treatment challenges, taste and odour issues, increased blue-green algae levels, low dissolved oxygen and elevated levels of dissolved iron and manganese. The managers of Jordan Lake undertook a lengthy study which proposed three solutions:

  1. An expensive upgrade to the water treatment plant.
  2. Heavily dosing water with expensive chemicals.
  3. Installing a source water management system like WEARS ResMix 5000cc systems.

The installation of a proven disruptive technology such as the WEARS ResMix solution represented the most cost effective solution but had secondary benefits such as the significant reduction in chemicals needed to treat water, significantly less energy demands, and did not create additional residuals requiring disposal. 

As part of the selection process, the US Army Corps of Engineers completed an environmental review of the proposal, including an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the proposed water quality enhancement project. The WEARS ResMix system was assessed against available market options and chosen for Jordan Lake. 

To find out more about the Town of Cary process, visit their website, or read related press coverage. 

  • Name of Storage:Jordan Lake, North Carolina USA
  • Volume of storage:56,500ML - 45,800 acre feet
  • Purpose:Water quality improvement of Jordan Lake
  • Product installed: ResMix 5000CC
  • Client:Town of Cary
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