Mannus Lake – Blue Green Algae Control to protect downstream fish habitats

ResMix 3000

Mannus Lake is a recreational lake located 4km west of Tumbarumba and is a popular location for recreational fishing.  There is significant nutrient rich runoff into the dam and catchment.  This nutrient rich water combined with the still/slow-flowing water makes Mannus Lake a Blue Green Algae breading ground. 

The Lake is often closed to recreational users due to high Blue Green Algae levels.  However downstream impacts of this Toxic Blue Green Algae is impacting endangered Macquarie Perch habitats and populations. 

This project is a joint co-operation between NSW Department of Primary Industries and the Snowy Valleys Council. WEARS were engaged because of our long and successful history with Blue Green Algae mitigation through top to bottom exchange mixing and disrupting the algae reproduction cycle. This is achieved by improving the overall water quality of the Lake and by mixing the highly oxygen rich surface water with the anoxic water at the bottom of the lake. 

WEARS installed a ResMix 3000 system which will continue to improve the water in the Mannus Lake, reducing the severity and algal blooms. 

  • Name of Storage:Mannus Lake
  • Volume of storage:2350ML
  • Purpose:Blue Green Algae Control - Water Quality Improvement
  • Product installed: ResMix 3000
  • Client:Snowy Valleys Council and Department of Primary Industries
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