Queensland Alumina Limited Project – Odour Control

ResMix 1000

The Boyne Island Residual Disposal Area is used to store bauxite by-product broken down during the aluminium refining process. Water contained in the storage is high in saline, had low levels of dissolved oxygen and an alkaline pH.

The dam experienced stratification and a major problem for Queensland Alumina Limited (QAL) occurred during regular turnover events which brought sulphur reducing bacteria to the surface of the dam and caused widespread odour problems in the area

QAL’s methods of treating the problem caused by seasonal turnover had limited success and odour was the main cause of public complaints received by QAL.

  • Name of Storage:Boyne Island Residual Disposal Area
  • Volume of storage:4000ML
  • Purpose:Odour Control
  • Product installed: ResMix 1000
  • Client:Queensland Alumina Limited
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