WEARS to provide innovative interventions to coral reef bleaching

WEARS propose innovative intervention to combat coral reef bleaching.

WEARS Australia (WEARS) have today been announced as the engineering consultants to the Reef Havens Proposal. The first stage of funding was announced today by the Australian Department of the Environment and Energy.

Minister for the Environment and Energy, The Hon. Josh Frydenberg said “this research project could play a pivotal role in ensuring the Reef is protected for generations to come. Modelling indicates the proposed intervention could reduce average surface water temperatures during potential bleaching conditions”.

WEARS General Manager Cameron Meizer today welcomed this partial project funding from the Australian Department of Environment and Energy. “We were confident that this proposal has been well researched. So we have proposed a solution that will deliver what the science community told us was needed in order to minimise coral reef bleaching and improve recovery times”.

WEARS have been working with the Reef and Rainforest Research Centre (RRRC) on the Reef Havens proposal and have designed, engineered and modelled the patented ‘ReefMix’ systems. The design was developed in consultation with the science community as lead by RRRC. It will demonstrate the effects of moving and mixing high volumes of water to a design depth and simulate natural water movement to counteract the hot, still weather conditions on Moore Reef.

WEARS CEO Stephen Elliott said “WEARS was founded as a solutions based company and for the last 20 years have been contacted to resolve issues that conventional interventions and responses can’t. As a Queensland based company we are very proud of our global achievements and look forward to delivering this project”.

WEARS are industry-leading water engineering and research consultants providing specialist engineering consulting and innovative product solutions for managing and maintaining water resources in Australia and internationally.

More information about WEARS can be found on the WEARS Australia website.

To read more from the Department of the Environment and Energy, see their website.

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