Water is a vital resource being placed under increased stress by 21st century growth and development.

The team at WEARS Australia understands the pressure water resource managers and suppliers are under to ensure their water resources are managed efficiently and effectively without compromising quality as well as the obligation of delivering high quality, safe drinking water to their communities.

With more than 20 years’ experience developing and delivering solutions to water utilities, local government and private organisations, our people have a proven track record of working with the client to ensure we provide the best solution for your specific needs.


Cameron Meizer

As Managing Director, Cameron oversees the day-to-day operations of the business in addition to working closely with clients and sector representatives to identify and deliver long-term and sustainable water solutions for clients and the community.

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Peter Conn

Peter is WEARS Australia’s Sales and Technical Specialist.  Peter has over 40 years experience in the water industry and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to WEARS and the broader Water Industry. 

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Alex Tucker

Alex is WEARS Australia’s Manufacturing and Installation Supervisor.  Alex has a strong civil and solutions management background.

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Michael Elliott

Michael is WEARS Australia’s Assistant Draftsperson.  Michael has a strong manufacturing and production engineering background.

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Jason Harvey

Jason first began work at WEARS in a manufacturing role and now operates as the WEARS Australia special projects operative.

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