Swanbank Reservoir Project – Cyanobacterial Bloom Control

ResMix 3000

Swanbank Reservoir provides the water supply for cooling towers at Swanbank Power Station.

The stratified, anoxic water column containing high levels of dissolved manganese caused severe manganese build up within the power station cooling system leading to extreme efficiency losses. The issue with manganese concentration was exacerbated by cyanobacterial blooms which placed power station staff and surrounding residents at risk due to airborne toxins.

Controlling cyanobacteria and restoring efficiency to the power station cooling system required destratification of the water column.

  • Name of Storage:Swanbank Reservoir
  • Volume of storage:2000ML
  • Purpose:Cyanobacterial bloom control
  • Product installed: ResMix 3000
  • Client:CS Energy
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