Clarrie Hall Dam Project – Downstream River Management

ResMix 5000

Clarrie Hall Dam on Tweed River tributary Doon Doon Creek is the main source water reservoir for the Tweed Shire region. It was designed as an off creek water storage and water sent to the treatment plant is sourced from the Tweed River, 10km downstream of Clarrie Hall.

Water in the dam was anoxic, high in manganese concentrations and subject to outbreaks of algae. This meant water discharged from Clarrie Hall into the Tweed River system caused cold water pollution and interfered with ecological balance downstream of the dam’s discharge point.

  • Name of Storage:Clarrie Hall Dam
  • Volume of storage:16,000ML
  • Purpose:Destratification and downstream river management
  • Product installed: ResMix 5000
  • Client:Tweed Shire Council
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