WEARS Australia presents at the Australian Water Association conference

WEARS Australia presents ‘Maintaining Chlorine Residuals for High Quality Water Supply’ and the Australian Water Association conference. 

WEARS Australia’s Stephen Elliott was joined in his presentation the the Australian Water Association conference by Mr Doug Moorby, Manager of Engineering Operations at Narromine Shire Council where the recent installation of the ResMix Vital system was used as a case study, one year after installation. 

One of the biggest concerns for water operators is being able to provide a consistent water supply. WEARS Australia have been working with water authorities in Australia, United Kingdom and the Middle East to successfully stabilise chlorine residuals in treated water tanks. 

To achieve this stabilisation, WEARS Australia have been installing the ResMix Vital system. The highly efficient ResMix Vital, which is designed to incorporate a chlorine dosing system, requires only 10 percent of the energy used by alternatives and is the only water management solution capable of preventing dead spots and short circuiting while generating homogenised conditions in the water column.

Once stabilised, instances of free chlorine residuals are increased by upto 40% providing a consistent and stable reservoir with almost no sediment build-up or chlorine atomisation.

Doug noted “..there is now doubt about it, the ResMix system works. Having started with a volatile and inconsistent chlorine residuals in our supply, we are now using the WEARS product to mix and dose our tanks.  We are not alone in our experiences here, all I can say is that the results speak for themselves”. 

Stephen Elliott – WEARS Australia

Doug Moorby – Narromine Shire Council


A copy of the presentation is available for download here – WEARS AWA presentation

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